“Music is my life, singing is my love.
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Senior's Center of Love

“This CD is a compilation of love songs that express how much we pine for this unexplainable emotion! Since the birth of my grandson, now seven years old, I can feel the center of what love is again! So please get comfortable, pour a glass of wine, listen and enjoy!” ~ Frank Senior

Available for purchase or download now on CD Baby
Also available to stream on Spotify and iTunes

....“With a voice at times similar to Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra and bluesman Johnny Adams, Senior, blind from birth, swings naturally and tells a lyric story without forcing it. He is certain that his blindness  has only enhanced his musical (and all other) senses, and has made him into a soulful story teller and accomplished vocalist.”
Senior’s blindness makes him stand-out in the crowd, creating a unique distinction among scores of nameless artists. Mostly all blind musicians in New York have the protective armor of an instrument between them and the audience. However, Frank communicates directly with the crowd. Everyone knows him, and just about everyone loves him.

Frank Senior..LIVE!

Frank Senior and Band at NYC Birdland

Frank Senior, is available for concerts, night clubs, festivals, hotels, Cruises and any occasion that calls for first class, professional, timeless entertainment. Featuring some of
New York City's top musicians.

Frank’s repertoire includes jazz, blues, standards, and gospel, from the 1930’s to the present, and his unique phrasing and smooth style appeal to people of all ages. 


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Well well well! The storm is finally over! Thanks to Co-Op City Times, NY1 and everyone who shared and contributed monetarily to my campaign. The city has given me the keys to the new Newsstand and now it is officially my responsibility to once again provide for my family.
Because of your love and words of inspiration, this campaign has been a huge success and life saver.

Frank standing in his beautiful, yet emp


Check back often for Franks performance dates!

Frank Senior smiling. No glasses.
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