National Endowment for the Arts Award Winner and Stylish Jazz Vocalist 


....“With a voice at times similar to Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra and bluesman Johnny Adams, Senior, blind from birth, swings naturally and tells a lyric story without forcing it. He is certain that his blindness  has only enhanced his musical (and all other) senses, and has made him into a soulful story teller and accomplished vocalist.”
Senior’s blindness makes him stand-out in the crowd, creating a unique distinction among scores of nameless artists. Mostly all blind musicians in New York have the protective armor of an instrument between them and the audience. However, Frank communicates directly with the crowd. Everyone knows him, and just about everyone loves him.


New York Foundation of the Arts grant
Congratulations to Frank Senior on being selected to receive a City Artist Corps Grant from the NYFA. Frank enters our post-pandemic era with a renewed love and pride for music and performing.

Meet Rigby
So after several years of no dog, I am back Ladies and gentlemen! 
Meet my new partner in crime, Rigby! Black Labrador Retriever and our first months have been tremendous! She is a beautiful working, playful, respectful dog.

Frank is featured in Two Books
Who Am I Now | Thomas Marten - Author  

New Yorkers A City and It's People in Our Time | Craig Taylor  -Author
"Over a period of six years, the author, Craig Taylor, met with, interviewed and be-friended scores of New York residents from all walks of life - each of them eager to share their slice of New York"

Frank Senior with his beautiful smile. Photo by David Powell.

Frank Senior, is available for concerts, nightclubs, festivals, hotels, cruises, and any occasion that calls for first-class, professional, timeless entertainment. Featuring some of New York City's top musicians.

Frank’s repertoire includes jazz, blues, standards, and gospel, from the 1930’s to the present, and his unique phrasing and smooth style appeal to people of all ages. 


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