“Let the song come and I’ll express what the story has to convey” says Frank Senior, a vocalist that brings the soul and the heart to a repertoire and genre of music he performs. Soulful and swingin’ hard, his style is engaging and has made him one of New York’s incredible and timeless vocalists.

Frank’s sound adapts the reverence of being a Harlem native, growing up in the Lincoln Projects. He went to the High School of Music and Art, LaVelle School for the Blind, and graduated at NYU as a voice major. His life is as a musician and advocate for the independence and understanding of the blind has certainly been a big part of his life and music. Blind since birth, it is apart of who he is and made his other senses come alive and enhanced his music in a way that touches the audience with emotional flare, rhythm and sincerity and passion. You just want to hear more and more… move your body to whatever song he’s singing…a ballad, blues, big band, soul, R&B, jazz… it’s all there for you to embrace and enjoy.

A color photograph of Frank in casual attire. Frank is wearing glasses and smiling.

You can hear Frank perform at some of the most renown jazz clubs like Birdland, Smalls, The Blue Note, Fat Cat and Showman’s: to esteemed venues as: the United Nations, Gracie Mansion, and St. Peter’s Church. His festival credits include: The Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night Swing, The Morocco Jazz Festival and Montreal International Jazz Festival. He loves giving back by performing at hospitals and assisted living facilities as well as charitable events.

Influences come from learning and growing… a big part of his life has been his being mentored by Barry Harris who is one of the main reasons Frank sings today. Playing with some of the best musicians in the world only enhances your sound and story… a mutual feeling of love and respect is conveyed in performing with: Valerie Capers, Harold Maybern, John Di Martino, Tadataka Unno, Nat Adderley Jr., Lafayette Harris, Brianna Thomas, Saul Rubin, James Weidman, Jane Monheit, to name only a few.

Frank’s first release called Let Me Be Frank says it all with style and bravado! His latest recording Senior’s Center of Love blends all genres: Soul, Jazz and Pop along with original music. It stirs up all the right feelings with songs like: Trust In Me, You Are So Beautiful, Use Me, and Fire and Rain to name a few. “This album is a compilation of love songs that express how much we pine for this unexplainable emotion!” explains Frank. “Since the birth of our grandson, I can feel the center of what love is again!”

The song and story is what Frank breaths and dreams… He’s always searching, growing and listening to what’s going on in the world and in music. He is not only a talented vocalist but , excels as producer, actor, consultant and entertainer. He teaches and mentor’s other musicians and has created a production company. Frank is a SAG actor who has been featured in movies and documentaries. He is currently starring in The InterContinental Hotels infomercial as a blind tour-guide of Central Park. He was Alec Baldwin’s consultant for the movie Blind. And most recently, in the television series What Would You Do? produced by Famed producer John Quinones.

Accolades are not sought but respected and in that Frank has won numerous awards for his talent and life-long dedication to the blind: The National Endowment for the Arts; Second Place winner of the Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival “Jazz Voice” Competition and Lifetime Achievement Award from the VISIONS Bronx Advisory Board Jamaica Development Corporation Appreciation Award.

Cool and commanding, soulful and swingin’ Frank Senior is the voice that makes you want to embrace a love, pour yourself a drink and relax or move and groove…. Just listen and hear everything that is wonderful about music… everything wonderful about Frank Senior.


Awards and Honors

  • National Endowment for the Arts Award
  • Second Place in the Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival’s “Jazz Voice” Competition
  • Lifetime Achievement Award from the VISIONS Bronx Advisory Board
  • Jamaica Development Corporation Appreciation Award