Thank you for an amazing experience

Hello, Frank. How are you?

I just want to thank you for an amazing experience the other day! It was so touching and I really learned to use my other senses much more than I had previously, even while navigating through my house with my eyes shut. I have been practicing echo location like you taught us using our hand. Last night I was able to locate the light switch on my wall using echo location by hearing a change of pitch while clicking my tongue by the wall. I was able to find the sound difference and stepped toward the sound until my face touched the switch. I seriously want to practice for 2 minutes a day like you told us. 🙂 You were so nice and I love how you said we were like a family. I want to bring my mother to the exhibit and want to buy tickets for a time that you do the tour so she can meet you.

If you have any information, I would absolutely love to do something working with children and adults with blindness. I’ve always loved working with people and everything about the blind, braille, sighted guide, mobility, etc. totally fascinates me! I want to learn more and meet more blind people.

You are the first blind adult I have ever met… my blind friends are all a little younger than I am. I can really see myself getting into a profession working with blind individuals. If I can’t teach Spanish, I can do something with blind people and blind Spanish speakers. I just want to keep learning more and meet more people. I would really like to get a job at a summer camp for the blind. I don’t care if it’s a big travel for me… especially if it is a camp where I can be a counselor and stay on the campus. I hope that my previous knowledge and experience working with the blind can get me a job there. I would be in heaven! 🙂

I would really really like to go to your jazz concert on Sunday, but my first day of student teaching in the high school is Monday so I can’t be out late, especially since I have to take an hour and a half train ride to the city. But I would really like to keep in touch with you if you don’t mind and take note of future concerts maybe during the summer that I can attend.

Thank you so much again and I hope to see you again sometime soon.

Thanks a ton!