Far Exceeded Our Expectations


My name is Roy and I had the privilege of being on your tour yesterday at the South Street Seaport Museum. I brought a group of 80 of my High school students to see both exhibits and the portion we spent with you far exceeded our expectations. Your casual humor about your experience and experiences reminded me of my approach to my being born with a physical deformity on my right hand.

Teaching is my second career. I am in my mid forties and I have been teaching for 10 years now and have coached wrestling, football and golf for almost 30 years, I use humor about myself, not just my hand, but also the fact that I am losing my hair, my male onset ignorance etc.. I have found that my comfort level with myself and the open approach I have allows my students to ask the types of questions they want, no matter how personal. At our school we a an extremely diverse school and we embrace the differences among us. Our students have been praised on many levels for their activism for tolerance and speaking up for what is morally and socially right. What I mean is, they are not uncomfortable about approaching me or others on any issue, because of they have seen people handle being a little different.

After I returned home I looked up your website and watched the documentary and listened to you music, it was awesome by the way. I feel compelled to tell you that I share the feelings you have about people around you “forgetting” about your disability and with my position, like yours, I get a lot of intrinsic reward by going to work and doing what I do and I can only imagine that you do to.

Thanks a bunch for such a wonderful experience,