Bringing All of My Visiting Guests to Dialog in the Dark

[Regarding a recent visiting to Dialog in the Dark:]

I moved to NYC over a year ago and thought this might just be another tourist trap, but WOW was I wrong. I’ve never been more excited to be so wrong. I went with my boyfriend around 3:15 on a Saturday afternoon, and we lucked out in being the only two people on this specific tour. We walked into a holding area and took a seat on some lit up boxes and waited as the lights dimmed out. We were left in total darkness. I started to get a bit nervous, but just at this time Frank Senior walked into our room and all of the unease vanished. Frank has the voice of liquid gold and the capacity to quell all anxieties within fifteen seconds. I felt immediately ‘ok’ with the adventure we were getting ready to go on.

After exchanging pleasantries we started our tour of NYC. We visited a couple of awesome places and were required to rely solely on our sense of smell, touch and hearing. It was amazing how quickly you start to feel comfortable in your new environment when you are able to access all of your other senses. Whenever I felt myself becoming unsure or freezing in place, Frank would miraculously appear and take hold of my hand to guide me back to the correct location. I think Frank was a bat in another life with his sonar like ears.

We spent an hour wandering the “sights” and sounds of NYC and finally meandered our way into a comfortable place to sit and learn more about Frank. No questions were off limits, and we really left with such a great understanding (and a well needed dose of respect) for the visually impaired.

I’ve never cherished the gift of sight more than after our tour with Frank. I had a very difficult time falling asleep that night – my mind raced a million miles a minute with my newly found appreciations.

I am 100% bringing all of my visiting guests to this attraction – but only to Frank Senior. Thank you SO much for making this such an amazing adventure for us, and one Dan and I will be talking about for years to come!