Co-op City resident and jazz musician competes for People’s Choice Award

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SEE IT: Blind Chicago skateboarder quiets all doubters in amazing video

Tommy Carroll has been blind since the age of two. But the college sophomore hasn’t let that stop him from stunning those that said a blind man couldn’t master the skateboard.

A blind skateboarder who performs tricks and turns by using only his sense of sound is stunning the world with an online video.

Tommy Carroll, left without his sight since he was two-years-old after being born with cancer of the retinas, is attracting global attention for his remarkable feats on a half-pipe.

In the video, shot near his Chicago home which now has more than 500,000 views on Vimeo, he says: “All I do in skateboarding is based on sound. I’m constantly using the sound of my wheels to check if there’s anything in my way and get my sense of direction, all that kind of stuff.

Carroll, a sophomore student majoring in journalism and international studies at Northwestern University, started skating when was 10.

He says he faced many doubters, who told him that a “blind kid” would never be able to skate, when he first took his board into the park.

But his determination won out and two years ago led to him skating with legend Tony Hawk, who had heard about him and decided to come to his home for the day.

He now plans to set up a college skateboarding club to promote the use of protective gear.

In the video, Carroll adds: “I think everybody should know that everything happens for a reason and there’s always a way to overcome an obstacle if you really want it enough.”

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