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Jacob Melchior: It’s About Time

Jacob Melchior: It's About Time album cover

Release Date: 2010

Label: Jacob Melchior

(Featuring guest vocalist Frank Senior on “For All We Know”)

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1. Dancing Foo-Squatty Roo
2. Brigas Nunca Mais
3. For All We Know (featuring guest vocalist Frank Senior)
4. The Lady of My Life-My Baby
5. You Don’t Know What Love Is
6. Bird of Beauty
7. Summer Fair
8. It Might As Well Be Spring
9. Lover-Gerry’s Wig


C. Michael Bailey, – September 20, 2010

Tucked away in a very excellent piano trio offering, drummer Jacob Melchior’s It’s About Time, is a single vocal performance by Frank Senior of the Coots/Lewis standard, “For All We Know.”

Pianist Tadataka Unno and bassist Hassan JJ Shakur provide a very gentle undercurrent beneath Senior’s smoky, Jon Hendricks-influenced vocals. Unno and Shakir, quietly introduce the piece, the arco bass giving the piece a slight antique, movie soundtrack feel.

Melchior is unobtrusive, gently guiding the rhythm. Senior sings fully, filling the space around him, provided by a judicious band obviously well-versed in providing vocal support. The entire recording is a gem, but “For All We Know” begs for a full vocal recital with this band.

Blitz magazine

The often covered Kemp standard is presented here with guest vocals from Frank Senior. The veteran Harlem-based vocalist eases into center stage with his Billy Eckstine-flavored delivery, while illustrating the relative ease with which Melchior, Shakur and Unno can set aside the spotlight for the common good. Even so, that spotlight shines brightly on each by underscoring their ability to mirror the pensive mood found in the late Jeanne Crain’s lip sync of Hogan’s vocal in that most memorable scene from Rogers and Hammerstein’s Oscar-winning landmark.

Grady Harp,

A sure sign of security of a group of musicians is the invitation of an ‘outsider’ to join them on a recording session. And that is the gift to the listener of this CD that happens here: the very soulful Frank Senior, a blind vocalist from Harlem, who pleads the case for the Coots song ‘For All We Know’. Given that Senior knows his away around this melody, these lyrics, it is the back up form the group that makes this such a stand out performance. The entire CD is like that though – nine tracks of irrepressibly fine, smart, from the mind/gut jazz. This is one terrific album.

Dick Metcalf, Improvijazzation Nation

Nine songs that weave together the best parts of jazz, both old and new… when you listen to Frank’s superb vocal on “For All We Know”, you’ll feel that kind of timeless vibe that all great artists in this genre have. High talent abounds here, and you’ll be mightily pleased that you got this excellent jazz experience.

Dan Bilawsky,

The trio also proves to be simpatico in their accompanying sensibilities, backing guest vocalist Frank Senior with class on “For All We Know”.

Gapplegate Music Review

This trio is Tadataka Unno at the piano, Hassan JJ Shakur on acoustic bass, and of course Mr. Melchior at the drums. Frank Senior jumps in for a gorgeous vocal rendition of “For All We Know.”